My New Project

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After an awesome 2 years of working on the WILD BOYZ! project I’ve decided to once again venture out on my own. This time I’ve created a new alter ego ‘Diskode‘. I will still maintain this website and be performing under my own name Jared-F as well as Go White Boy! However my focus will be moving towards this new project. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received through the years and can’t wait to release my new tunes!

News News & More News

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Hey everyone, sorry about the super sucking on posting stuff. I’ve been busy on a side project with my good friend Kean B (@keanbmusic Facebook). What is this side project that is causing my delinquency in website updates you may ask? Well its call The Wild Boyz! (@wldboyz) I’ve been having a blast working on tunes with Kean as well as collaborating with my long time friend Nima G. We’ve already released a few tunes for free which you can download from our SoundCloud Page.

Wanna hear what The Wild Boyz! are like live? Check out this mix we did.

And here are a few of our newest tracks!

It’s also with great sadness I inform you that I have chosen to resign from Dancing Astronaut as their official radio DJ. With this resignation I’ll have much more time to commit to my music career. I’m excited about the new opportunities and to see what comes!

Dancing Astronaut Radio – Episodes 1- 5

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I’ve been soooo busy that I’ve been spacing my personal websites updates. Things have been amazing with the launch of Dancing Astronaut Radio and the momentum is growing rapidly.

Unfortunately SoundCloud pulled one of our mixes so I’ve included the below player and link so you can still listen/download it. =]



Dancing Astronaut Radio 002 Axis with Jared F Right Click Save As Here